1. Disclaimer

The following paper is provided for informative purposes only and should not be considered as legal, financial, or tax advice. It is not legally binding, and the content may be subject to change without prior notice. We make no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information presented. Any actions taken based on this information are at your own risk, and we recommend consulting with qualified professionals for specific legal, financial, or tax guidance.

2. Introduction

Coming together as a group is a timeless consumer behavior, where music is the number one connecting element. trppn is the social network for music and events, reconnecting the next generation while enabling creators to claim their spotlight and unlock a new income stream.

We believe decentralization of social networks can represent a transformative shift in how we engage with digital communication. One key argument for decentralization is that it allows content creators to benefit financially from their contributions, rather than being commodified as products by centralized authorities. In traditional centralized platforms, users often become the product, with their data and attention monetized for profit without their consent or fair compensation. trppn enables content creators to retain ownership of their work and directly reap the rewards of their efforts. This not only promotes a fairer digital economy but also encourages the production of high-quality, user-generated content. By shifting the power dynamic, decentralization aligns with the principles of data sovereignty, trust, and financial empowerment, making a compelling case for its importance in reshaping the future of social networking.

3. Ecosystem

trppn releases a finite supply of 1 billion trppn tokens ($TRPPN), which symbolize ownership within the trppn ecosystem. The tokens serve as the primary means to access premium features (utility token), grant voting privileges in trppn's governance system, and to reward active users on the trppn social network.

trppn is undergoing a gradual transformation from centralization to decentralization. Initially, centralization provides focused leadership and swift decision-making, which is crucial during the project's early stages. However, as the project matures, this transition towards decentralization fosters transparency, community engagement, and reduced dependence on a single development entity. This balanced approach enables trppn to remain adaptable, transparent, and resilient in the long term.

3.1 Token utility

3.1.1 Sponsoring program

trppn revolutionizes the sponsorship landscape through its innovative ecosystem token. Within the platform, creators, including artists and event hosts, seamlessly apply for sponsorships via the app. The process is straightforward: creators submit their applications, and sponsorships are distributed based on a range of metrics, such as event attendance and new users.

This approach ensures a transparent and merit-driven sponsorship program. trppn's ecosystem token becomes the catalyst for empowering creators, as they often belong to an underpaid group of individuals, receiving sponsorships tailored to their performance and impact. By intertwining technology and creativity, trppn sets a new standard for supporting the arts and entertainment industry, fostering a community where success is directly rewarded.

3.1.2 Access to trppn backstage

trppn backstage is a token-gated space within the trppn platform, designed to enable a closer, more exclusive relationship between creators and fans. To access this space users must lock a predetermined amount of $TRPPN tokens.

Users of trppn backstage enjoy privileged access to exclusive content, including behind-the-scenes material, artist interviews, unreleased music, and video content. They can gain early insights into tour dates, ticket sales, music releases, job openings, and participate in interactive experiences such as Q&A sessions, live chats, virtual meetings with artists, educational sessions, and much more.

The sum of tokens needed to access trppn backstage, the locking periods, and the disincentives to prevent holders from selling their tokens will be collaboratively determined with the community. This process will take place before the token launch in 2024, considering the supply and demand dynamics in the ecosystem.

3.1.3 Event pre- and crowdfunding

The $TRPPN token allows small event organizers (up to 1000 attendees) to pre- and crowdfund their events.

Use case: An organizer needs a budget of $3000 for their party to book DJs and finance equipment. They submit a request to the community. Once $TRPPN worth $3000 are locked in from guests who want to attend, the event can take place, and the crowdfunding is successful. If the amount is not reached, the attendees' tokens are unlocked.

3.1.4 Ownership

The $TRPPN token symbolizes ownership in the trppn ecosystem and serves as a means to distribute the project's value to its community. Token holders shape the social network and how resources are allocated. The distribution of power makes trppn a community-owned project.

3.1.5 Governance

trppn firmly believes in the power of democratized decision-making. Token holders have a say and can actively shape the future of the project. Through a robust governance feature, token holders can vote on a wide range of topics, including the introduction of new features, the distribution of power and capital, platform policies and more. This approach ensures that the community's collective wisdom steers the direction and evolution of the project.

3.2 Tokenomics

The limited number of trppn tokens are divided into nine different allocations, each serving a specific purpose.

The Seed round is utilized to sell project shares to early supporters and finance the platform's product-market fit.

The Private round (Series A) is designated for selling token shares to fund the platform's scaling and the creation and launch of the token ecosystem.

The Community round facilitates community participation and serves as a means of further project funding.

The Team allocation incentivizes and rewards the core team for their long-term commitment.

The Advisor allocation incentivizes advisors in the field of music, business development and blockchain, recognizing their ongoing involvement and support.

The distribution for Ecosystem Development funds software development, marketing initiatives, and collaborations within the community following the token listing on exchanges.

The project's Treasury serves as a reserve, ensuring financial stability and supporting ecosystem initiatives. In the future, token holders will gain governance control over the treasury through the implementation of a DAO, enabling community-led decision-making on e.g., fund allocation or distribution of power.

Community Rewards are dedicated to rewarding users who actively contribute to the platform's growth in the form of sponsorship rewards. Rewards are paid out based on e.g. introducing new users or engaging with high-quality content.

The Liquidity allocation ensures a sufficient supply of tokens for trading, maintaining market liquidity. It enables smooth transactions and price discovery within the $TRPPN ecosystem, meeting the demands of market makers, traders and investors.

3.3 Lockup and vesting periods

Our objective is to prevent the dumping of $TRPPN, discourage speculation, align incentives between the platform and its users, mitigate risks, and ultimately enable sustainable appreciation of the token share price.

We achieve this by implementing restrictions on immediate selling (lock-up periods) and gradually unlocking trppn tokens (vesting periods) over a time period of 6 years.

3.4 Token release schedule

The project releases tokens gradually over time to maintain scarcity in the circulating supply. This approach aligns token distribution with project milestones, ensuring that token value reflects genuine demand and discourages speculative trading. By doing so, we aim to create a stable, secure, and progressively rewarding ecosystem for our community, bolstering the long-term success of our project.

3.5 Blockchain

The project aims to expand beyond a single blockchain and to become a multi-layer token project. By deploying the ecosystem token on multiple compatible blockchains, we ensure broader accessibility, interoperability, and decentralized options for token holders. This approach enhances scalability, resilience, and market reach by leveraging the unique features of different blockchains, attracting a wider range of investors and users.

3.6 DeX and CeX listings

To ensure liquidity and accessibility, the $TRPPN will be listed and tradable on reputable third-party exchanges such as Uniswap, SushiSwap, Slingshot, 1inch, Binance, Coinbase and Kucoin. This listing enables users, investors and supporters of the platform to easily buy and sell the token on the open market (launch of token is 2024). Please note that the $TRPPN cannot be purchased on the trppn platform.

4. Genesis Pass

trppn is offering a limited collection of 3,333 Genesis Passes, each priced at 0.2 ETH per pass. These Genesis Pass holders stand as the pioneering founders of trppn's new social network for music and club culture, playing a pivotal role in shaping its future. The revenue generated from the sale of these passes serves as the essential fuel for financing the next developmental stages of the trppn ecosystem. Genesis Pass holders gain access to a world of exclusive benefits and privileges within the ecosystem.

Unlocking ownership:
Secure your stake in our ecosystem. Upon our token launch in 2024, you'll receive an equivalent of 1,800 $TRPPN (approximately 0.2 ETH).

Sharing in success:
Our commitment to shared success extends to all Genesis Pass holders. You'll be entitled to a share of the project's achievements, allowing you to reap the rewards as our ecosystem thrives.

Genesis Pass holders enjoy a lifetime of trppn premium benefits, including an ad free experience, support creators financially, own their data, unlock platform features and special offers.

Enhanced governance:
Your Genesis Pass elevates your influence within the ecosystem. With double voting power, your voice carries even more weight in shaping the future of the platform. Contribute your ideas, participate in decisions, and help guide the direction of our community.

The Genesis Pass is not merely a pass; it's a commitment to innovation and an opportunity for exclusive benefits. As a Genesis Pass holder, you'll be at the forefront of a transformative music and event ecosystem, with more exciting features and advantages waiting to be unveiled.

Be part of something extraordinary: Genesis Pass

5. Business Model

In the dynamic landscape of social networks, trppn is revolutionizing the way creators and fans connect. Similar to other platforms, trppn monetizes its users through event-specific ads; however, unlike other models, trppn redistributes its revenues to the creators.

We aim to be THE social network where providers of events, ticketing, merch, labels, and brands invest their marketing budgets to reach the next generations. Billions in marketing funds from event creators, venues, festivals, ticketing companies, and brands are currently underutilized and could be better spent on trppn. The bars, nightclub, and music event market are expected to reach $162 billion in 2028, with approximately $30 billion used for event promotion.

Social networks typically monetize users between $0.5 and $5 per month. trppn aims to earn $1 per user per month in the long run. The project's revenues are strategically employed to counterfinance sponsorship rewards and are distributed to creators in the form of sponsorships.

6. Token Dynamics

trppn uses revenues to pay out rewards and to become independent from hype and speculation in the long run. The more revenue trppn generates, the more independent the token becomes from market volatility.

6.1 Rewards and revenue distribution

Platform revenues are generated through event-specific ads. The revenue is utilized to stabilize the token ecosystem by burning tokens and reinvesting revenues in the ecosystem through the distribution of sponsorship rewards. The exact reward distribution depends on market liquidity and is not guaranteed. The social network scales through trppn’s flywheel effect.

By aligning user monetization, creator incentives, and token economics, trppn establishes a symbiotic ecosystem, empowering creators and incentivizing token holders.

6.2 Buy back of token

trppn is constructing a deflationary ecosystem where platform revenues are used to buy back tokens from the market, decreasing the circulating supply and subsequently reducing the fully diluted supply through token burning. The anticipated scarcity is expected to increase demand, leading to a potential rise in the token's value and ultimately benefiting those who hold the token.

The precise reward and burning mechanisms and amounts, will be determined based on user behavior during the testing phase between Q1 – Q3 2024. Details will be developed as part of the token creation and listing process.

6.3 ROI potential

The potential return on investment becomes visible in a theoretical model assuming that all creators sell their sponsorship rewards immediately, no investors speculate on the appreciation of the token, and trppn is the only player trading the token.

The model illustrates the progression of the token price over a two-year span following the introduction of revenues.

7. Roadmap

O4 2023

  • Launch of MVP platform (download now)
  • Beta testing platform
  • Beta testing growth strategy

Q1 2024

  • Development scalable platform
  • Proof of concept growth
  • Seed funding

Q2  - Q3 2024

  • Product market fit
  • User growth
  • Early supporter sponsorships

Q4 2024

  • Creation and auditing of the token
  • Private round (Series A)
  • Token listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges

8. Definitions:

A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that records and verifies transactions across a network of computers, offering transparency and security.

CeXs and DeXs:
CeXs (Centralized Exchanges) are traditional cryptocurrency exchanges managed by centralized entities, acting as intermediaries for trading. DeXs (Decentralized Exchanges) operate on blockchain networks, allowing peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading through smart contracts, without the need for intermediaries. CeXs prioritize convenience and liquidity, while DeXs emphasize security and user control.

In the context of projects with a token, the "Cliff" or "Lockup" refers to the initial phase during which token holders cannot conduct token transfers or transactions to promote commitment and identification with the project.

In the trppn ecosystem, creators include artists, organizers, and venues (event hosts, DJs, musicians, bands, clubs, bars, festivals, concerts).

Governance is the process of making decisions and managing authority in an organization or system. It involves establishing rules, policies, and accountability mechanisms. In blockchain, governance determines how decisions are made regarding network upgrades and protocol changes.

Tokenomics refers to the economic principles and mechanics governing cryptocurrencies or blockchain-based assets, covering aspects like token creation, distribution, and their use within a network. It's about designing a sustainable and fair economic system for a blockchain project.

Token release schedule:
A token release schedule is a plan outlining how and when cryptocurrency tokens will be distributed over time, which helps manage token supply and distribution.

Vesting Period:
The vesting period is the period in which token holders gradually gain access to their acquired tokens to ensure long-term support and participation in the project.