1. Disclaimer

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2. Introduction

At trppn, we believe that music culture thrives where people unite. Our mission is to harness the power of SocialFi to unlock the genuine value of music culture, empowering creators and enthusiasts alike. With over 1 billion potential creators—including artists, friends, venues, and event hosts—we provide the essential tools for fostering connections. Central to our platform is the Trip, dubbed the Collective Memory Maker, where creators unite people to capture and share their collective music experiences. This feature not only draws users to our platform but also fosters vibrant communities based on shared musical interests. Furthermore, by tokenizing social influence, creators can explore new income streams, transforming their passion into profit.

We advocate for the decentralization of social networks as a pivotal shift in digital communication. In traditional centralized platforms, users often become commodities, with their data and attention monetized without fair compensation. At trppn, we empower content creators to retain ownership of their work and directly benefit from their contributions. This paradigm shift not only promotes a fairer digital economy but also encourages the creation of high-quality, user-generated content. Decentralization aligns with principles of data sovereignty, trust, and financial empowerment, offering a compelling vision for reshaping the future of social networking. Join us on trppn as we embark on a journey to redefine the essence of music culture and empower creators worldwide.

3. Ecosystem

trppn releases a finite supply of 1 billion trppn tokens ($TRPPN), which symbolize ownership within the trppn ecosystem. The tokens serve as the primary means to access premium features (utility token), grant voting privileges in trppn's governance system, and to reward active users on the trppn social network.

trppn is undergoing a gradual transformation from centralization to decentralization. Initially, centralization provides focused leadership and swift decision-making, which is crucial during the project's early stages. However, as the project matures, this transition towards decentralization fosters transparency, community engagement, and reduced dependence on a single development entity. This balanced approach enables trppn to remain adaptable, transparent, and resilient in the long term.

3.1 Token utility

3.1.1 Artist shares

Music creators bring people together, and trppn helps them do this while making money. The more people they unite through trips, the more valuable their artist shares become. Artist shares are like digital assets that represent a creator's influence on music culture. As creators connect with more fans, the value of these shares goes up, giving them a chance to earn more money. If someone sells an artist share, the artist always gets a piece of the transaction, ensuring that creators benefit from potentially high trading volumes. It's a simple way for creators to grow their influence and income while doing what they love.

3.1.2 Backstage spots

Backstage spots are a game-changer for music creators, providing a direct avenue to engage with and gain support from their fans. These spots offer fans exclusive benefits such as access to private chat groups, early music releases, and real-world perks like guestlist spots. Creators can offer backstage spots as subscriptions for ongoing support or as one-off payments, offering flexibility to their fans while deepening their connection to the artist.

3.1.3 Lock 'n support

For users eager to contribute to the enrichment of global music culture, trppn offers an innovative locking program. Participants can invest in the trppn token and voluntarily lock it for a specified duration. This investment remains the property of the user but provides the platform with a crucial stability and predictability. In return for their commitment, users enrolled in the locking program receive special supporter badges and are ranked based on the number of tokens they have locked, prominently displayed on a public leaderboard. Moreover, users within the same ranking tiers gain access to exclusive chat groups and enjoy a plethora of benefits, including access to artists' channels, real-life perks, special events, and much more. This program not only empowers users to directly support music culture worldwide but also fosters a strong sense of community and recognition within the trppn ecosystem.

3.1.4 Bootstrapping the network through rewards

trppn rewards creators for uniting people and bootstrapping the network. Within the platform, creators can effortlessly earn rewards by utilizing the core feature known as the 'Trip.' The process is straightforward:

1. Create trips
2. Unite people
3. Earn rewards

Reward points are allocated based on trip attendance and uploaded memories. Users with points receive airdrops from trppn. This approach ensures a transparent and merit-based reward system. The trppn ecosystem token acts as the driving force behind empowering music creators who are often underpaid and undervalued.

3.1.5 Event pre- and crowdfunding

The $TRPPN token allows small event organizers (up to 1000 attendees) to pre- and crowdfund their events.

Use case: An organizer needs a budget of $3000 for their party to book DJs and finance equipment. They submit a request to the community. Once $TRPPN worth $3000 are locked in from guests who want to attend, the event can take place, and the crowdfunding is successful. If the amount is not reached, the attendees' tokens are unlocked.

3.1.6 Ownership

Music creators have long been disadvantaged by traditional platforms. trppn leverages blockchain technology to establish strong commitments about its future, ensuring that users can trust the platform to uphold its promises and value proposition.

The $TRPPN token symbolizes ownership within the trppn ecosystem, serving as a vehicle to distribute the project's value to its community. Token holders have a say in shaping the social network and determining how resources are allocated, effectively making trppn a community-owned project. This decentralized distribution of power ensures that the interests of music creators and fans are prioritized, fostering a fair and transparent environment.

3.1.7 Governance

trppn firmly believes in the power of democratized decision-making. Token holders have a say and can actively shape the future of the project. Through a robust governance feature, token holders can vote on a wide range of topics, including the introduction of new features, the distribution of power and capital, platform policies and more. This approach ensures that the community's collective wisdom steers the direction and evolution of the project.

3.2 Tokenomics

The limited number of trppn tokens are divided into nine different allocations, each serving a specific purpose.

The Pre-Seed and Seed round is utilized to sell project shares to early supporters and finance the platform's product-market fit.

The Private round is designated for selling token shares to fund the platform's scaling and the creation and launch of the token ecosystem.

The Pubic round facilitates community participation and serves as a means of further project funding.

The Team & Advisor allocation incentivizes and rewards the core team, advisors and partners for their long-term commitment.

The distribution for Marketing & Development funds software development, marketing initiatives, and collaborations within the community following the token listing on exchanges.

The Liquidity allocation ensures a sufficient supply of tokens for trading, maintaining market liquidity. It enables smooth transactions and price discovery within the $TRPPN ecosystem, meeting the demands of market makers, traders and investors.

In trppn's SocialFi ecosystem, 40% of the total token supply is allocated to a Community fund designed to accelerate platform growth and invest in music culture globally. This fund enables the trppn community to support the foundation of festivals, kickstart music careers, prevent the closure of music institutions, and back music-related projects worldwide. This initiative ensures the development and sustainability of music culture while maintaining trppn's influence in the global music scene.

3.3 Lockup and vesting periods

Our objective is to prevent the dumping of $TRPPN, discourage speculation, align incentives between the platform and its users, mitigate risks, and ultimately enable sustainable appreciation of the token share price.

We achieve this by implementing restrictions on immediate selling (lock-up periods) and gradually unlocking trppn tokens (vesting periods) over a time period of 6 years.

The trppn community fund is emitted based on performance. Rewards and funds are unlocked according to the platform's revenue and user participation in the locking system. This ensures funds are aligned with platform success and engagement, fostering sustainable growth and active community involvement.

3.4 Blockchain

trppn has partnered with Avalanche and is building on the AVAX blockchain. This strategic decision was made due to Avalanche's speed, scalability, and low transaction costs, ensuring efficient transactions and seamless user experiences. As the project progresses, our aim is to expand into a multi-layer token ecosystem, leveraging Avalanche's interoperability features to broaden accessibility and attract a diverse range of users and investors.

3.5 DeX and CeX listings

To ensure liquidity and accessibility, $TRPPN will be listed and tradable on reputable decentralized exchanges like Trader Joe, Uniswap, and SushiSwap, as well as prominent centralized exchanges. This listing allows users, investors, and supporters to easily buy and sell the token on the open market. The token launch is planned for September 2024.

4. Business Model

trppn's business model revolves around empowering music creators to monetize their influence and engagement with fans while simultaneously fostering a thriving ecosystem for music culture worldwide.
Creators earn income on trppn through the sale and trading of artist shares, allowing them to capitalize on their popularity and expand their reach. Additionally, creators can offer their fans exclusive backstage spots, providing access to chat groups, early music releases, and real-life perks. The platform generates revenue through fees on artist sales and trading activities, as well as from backstage spot purchases.
Importantly, trppn reinvests its revenues back into its ecosystem, supporting creators and music culture initiatives globally. By systematically investing in music culture, trppn not only strengthens its platform but also contributes to the growth and sustainability of the broader music community.

5. Token Dynamics

trppn utilizes its revenues to distribute rewards and unlock community funds, aiming for long-term independence from hype and speculation. As trppn generates more revenue, the token becomes increasingly immune to market volatility, fostering stability and sustainability within the ecosystem.

5.1 Net emissions model

The flywheel of trppn's ecosystem is fueled by increasing user activity within the social network. As user engagement grows, so does the network's value, driven by rising revenues and user demand to participate in the locking program. This heightened network value enables more rewards for creators, driving further platform growth, while also unlocking additional community funds to support global music culture. This positive feedback loop propels trppn's ecosystem forward, fostering sustained success and growth.

5.2 Revenue buy back

Trppn converts its generated revenues into trppn tokens, boosting liquidity in the market. This buyback strategy can stabilize token prices, reduce volatility, and incentivize long-term investment. By injecting tokens into the market, it also stimulates trading activity and supports ecosystem growth. Overall, the revenue buyback mechanism enhances market dynamics and strengthens trppn's long-term sustainability.

6. Roadmap

7. Definitions:

A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that records and verifies transactions across a network of computers, offering transparency and security.

CeXs and DeXs:
CeXs (Centralized Exchanges) are traditional cryptocurrency exchanges managed by centralized entities, acting as intermediaries for trading. DeXs (Decentralized Exchanges) operate on blockchain networks, allowing peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading through smart contracts, without the need for intermediaries. CeXs prioritize convenience and liquidity, while DeXs emphasize security and user control.

In the context of projects with a token, the "Cliff" or "Lockup" refers to the initial phase during which token holders cannot conduct token transfers or transactions to promote commitment and identification with the project.

In the trppn ecosystem, creators include artists, organizers, and venues (event hosts, DJs, musicians, bands, clubs, bars, festivals, concerts).

Governance is the process of making decisions and managing authority in an organization or system. It involves establishing rules, policies, and accountability mechanisms. In blockchain, governance determines how decisions are made regarding network upgrades and protocol changes.

Tokenomics refers to the economic principles and mechanics governing cryptocurrencies or blockchain-based assets, covering aspects like token creation, distribution, and their use within a network. It's about designing a sustainable and fair economic system for a blockchain project.

Token release schedule:
A token release schedule is a plan outlining how and when cryptocurrency tokens will be distributed over time, which helps manage token supply and distribution.

Vesting Period:
The vesting period is the period in which token holders gradually gain access to their acquired tokens to ensure long-term support and participation in the project.