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Music as collective experience

We see music culture as something that belongs to everyone and no one, the bloodstream of our society.
Preserving this motivates and unites us.

Centralized players increasingly control how we meet, monetize, listen to, and create music. If you want in, you must appease them and the algorithm.

Music culture begins when people come together. That’s where trppn takes over, equipping creators with tools to unite people based on their shared love of music. We offer them a platform to build communities without gatekeepers and open new ways to monetize their work, directly connecting with their fans.

trppn is a decentralized movement, building a music culture fund dedicated to financially support artists, communities, venues, and festivals. The community's value stays within the community.

We vow to stay resilient, innovative, and creative. We commit to having creators, scene builders, and music lovers’ interests and livelihoods as our top priority at all times. We vow not to stop until we get there.

Let’s go on a trip and unlock the real value of music culture together!

02/ Quotes

Electric indigo (Musician / Composer / DJ):
Trppn is reintroducing the social element into media, as it incorporates real-life experiences. This makes it something new and extraordinary. The local context fosters strong connections with the scene, users, and fans. In other platforms, there's a race for attention, but with trppn, the objective is real-life experiences based on music preferences at actual events.

Jeremy (DJ):
Trppn is bringing balance and awareness to the club culture and social media. They highlight that the problem of the music industry is deeply rooted and profit-driven, with music not being at the center. With trppn there comes a chance to bring music and culture back into focus.

Anna (Event Organizer) WET Berlin/Vienna:
It’s difficult to stay in touch with cultural happenings on platforms, which rather commercialize than putting music forward, so there is a need for the club and music scene to get connected with other people who like the same style. With trppn there comes visibility for hosts, DJs, and partys.

DJ Terror (DJ / Event Organizer) Hyperreality Festival:
As a DJ & event organizer, I can relate, dealing with self-promotion through social media is quite a hassle. Trppn is a tool that introduces new connections. On the flip side, it focuses on what matters most to me: music. It brings music to people and enhances the visibility of creators, showcasing the music being played. That's why I've been supporting the platform from the very beginning.

Reimundo Correra (DJ / Event Organizer) RES.RADIO:
Trppn makes a real difference in the music scene, helping artists in expanding their events, careers, and earnings. The app is a cool way to discover and enhance music: Users can find their next favorites, and artists can achieve growth. It also boosts visibility for new names, countering the overshadowing effect of big names on talented individuals.

Brunni Corsato (Visual Artist / Party Host / Curator):
There's so much value being produced by music creators and shared with their audiences but a lot of it is lost along the process. What excites me about trppn is the possibility to change this tide and start creating a new paradigm in the music industry, one that centers music creators and empowers them with tools to have ownership over their careers, livelihoods and relationship with their fans.

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