#TrppnTalks: short Recap of Violetta Zironi

#TrppnTalks: short Recap of Violetta Zironi

Brunni Corsato: What's going on? Hope everyone's doing good today. GM. GM. Hey, Violeta. How's it going?

Violetta Zironi: Good morning. Can you hear me?

Brunni Corsato: Loud and clear.

Violetta Zironi: Perfect, because I'm actually on the beach.

Brunni Corsato: Oh, wow.

Violetta Zironi: I was afraid you guys could hear the waves and the winds, but seems good so far.

Brunni Corsato: That wouldn't be a bad thing, to be honest. Where are you?
Violetta Zironi: Florida. Taking a break, still doing spaces and meetings though.

Brunni Corsato: A working break, huh?

Violetta Zironi: Better than nothing.

Brunni Corsato: Absolutely. Well, we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us during your break.

Violetta Zironi: Thank you guys for having me.

Brunni Corsato: Let's get started. Trip and talks number six. Joined by Violeta Zironi. Hope I got that right. Before we dive in, retweet the room if you can. Spread the word. If you have questions for V, drop them in the comments or wait to be pulled on stage.

Brunni Corsato: First things first, Pioleta, how are you? Can you give us a quick intro of who you are and how you see yourself? You're a prolific creator in many fields.

Violetta Zironi: Yeah, I'm Violetta, an Italian singer-songwriter. Been a professional musician for over a decade. Career turned ten in May. Signed to a major label before, now focused on being a full-time Web Three artist. Building my community and releasing music through NFTs and blockchain technology.

Brunni Corsato: Incredible journey. How did you make that shift to Web Three?

Violetta Zironi: Thanks to my mom who introduced me to Web Three. I was almost quitting due to industry frustrations and the pandemic. Found a new path and embraced it fully.

Brunni Corsato: You've embraced community-building.

What's your strategy?

Violetta Zironi: Show up every day, be transparent, establish relationships, and care about the community. Engage personally and authentically with supporters.

Brunni Corsato: It's impressive. Balancing that with creativity must be challenging.

Violetta Zironi: Definitely. It's essential to step back, reflect, and find time for creative rejuvenation. Balancing online presence and offline creativity is crucial.

Brunni Corsato: Thanks for sharing your insights, Violetta. Your journey and approach are inspiring.
Violetta Zironi: Thank you. It's a pleasure to be here and share my experiences.

Brunni Corsato: Looking forward to seeing your journey continue to unfold. Let's keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in Web Three.

Brunni Corsato: Violetta, your active engagement on platforms like Twitter Spaces has certainly caught our attention. Could you elaborate on the importance of maintaining visibility in this manner?

Violetta Zironi: Of course. Ensuring that you remain on people's radar, even if they're not actively participating, holds significant value. I devoted around 3000 hours to Twitter Spaces last year and continue to engage daily. Although not mandatory, this practice has proven to be a powerful way to make a lasting impression.

Brunni Corsato: It's intriguing that Twitter is your platform of choice. Could you explain your reasoning behind this preference?
Violetta Zironi: Certainly. The transparency and emphasis on interactive communication on Twitter appeal to me. It's not solely about broadcasting; it enables direct engagement with others. Posting a "Good Morning" tweet daily and responding to each comment has significantly increased engagement, despite the substantial time commitment it demands.

Brunni Corsato: Shifting gears to sustainability, could you shed light on your approach?

Violetta Zironi: My journey has involved immense dedication, including sacrifices of leisure and even rest to propel my progress. While this approach isn't entirely sustainable, it has been instrumental in propelling me forward. Presently, I'm committed to restructuring my daily routine to incorporate essential rest and achieve a more balanced lifestyle. This realization is akin to the prolonged study periods undertaken by doctors before they reap the rewards of their efforts.

How do you envision maintaining sustainability while continuing your journey?

Violetta Zironi: My strategy involves offering additional value to my collectors through releases and exploring low-pressure NFT options. Simultaneously, I'm actively reevaluating my daily schedule to integrate vital periods of rest, which will contribute to both productivity and well-being. Incorporating regular walks and breaks will play a pivotal role in achieving this equilibrium.

Brunni Corsato: Thank you, Violetta. Could you share any forthcoming plans?

Violetta Zironi: Absolutely! We're currently preparing vinyl records for specific NFT holders, and I'm also in the midst of exploring collaborations involving new blockchain avenues. Furthermore, I'm excited to introduce weekly open editions, enabling fans to participate in my creative process. Keep an eye out for these updates!

Brunni Corsato: Your insights have been truly enlightening, Violetta. Thank you for generously sharing your journey and strategies with us.

Violetta Zironi: I'm grateful for the opportunity. Remember, staying authentic and creative is key for all of us!