The Top Festivals to Check Out This Summer

Lighthouse Festival

The temperatures are slowly rising, and with that, the long-awaited arrival of festival season begins. Festivals provide a break from our regular routines, granting us access to a magical world of joy and pleasure. Whether at an intimate affair in the woods, a sun-kissed beach getaway, a gigantic field, or scattered across iconic venues across the city, the atmosphere created by having a variety of artists together in the same place is simply electric.

These are some of our festival highlights of the year:

Hyperreality Festival – May 19 - 20

The Hyperreality Festival in Vienna was born out of a desire to create a space where music, art, and technology could intersect in new and unexpected ways. The concept of "hyperreality" refers to the blending of the real and the virtual, resulting in an experience that is neither entirely one nor the other. This idea serves as the foundation for the festival, which seeks to challenge the traditional boundaries between art forms and provide a platform for truly innovative and groundbreaking work. Renowned for its eclectic and innovative music programming, which spans a wide range of genres and styles – from cutting-edge electronic music to avant-garde classical compositions – the festival's line-up showcases the best in contemporary music from around the world.

This year’s edition includes highlight sets by Berlin-based all stars LSDXOXO, Yazzus, and Bashkka, South African-born river moon and Detroit legend WHODAT.

Lighthouse Festival - May 25-29

Hosted by the former Pratersauna crew from Vienna, Lighthouse Festival (LHF) is a beachside festival in Croatia.

Musically, LHF encompasses a variety of genres from techno, house, UK bass and hip-hop to ambient music.

This year, for their 10th anniversary edition, the team behind LHF has put together an eclectic set up that includes exciting collaborations such as Cruise & Is Burning's Sunday party at the Autodrom stage, a pizza party with Wolfram's legendary roller disco, and various recreational activities available for visitors to enjoy like yoga classes, roller skating workshops, and tennis.

The stage designs and on-site installations have been curated by Lichterloh Studios, a research-based artist studio in Vienna utilizing digital technologies and employing the concepts of space, light and transformation in their creative works.

Terraforma Festival – June 9-11

Terraforma, a platform dedicated to artistic exploration and eco-friendly practices, will be held in the picturesque woodlands of Villa Arconati from June 9 to 11, 2023. Terraforma aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and the need to protect our planet through its music, art, and workshops. The music lineup consists of a diverse range of electronic and experimental artists, with a strong focus on live performances. Terraforma’s program also features a range of workshops and talks on topics such as sustainability, ecology, and climate change. This year’s edition includes a workshop in circular fabric-making, and a talk on the importance of the archive as related to Black music innovation.

The stunning natural surroundings of Villa Arconati provide the perfect backdrop for the festival's art installations, which are created with sustainable materials and encourage visitors to reflect on their relationship with nature. For lovers of the curious and experimental, Terraforma Festival is a must-visit.

Melt! Festival – June 8-11 

Any festival veteran will tell you that location is one of the key ingredients of a great festival. Melt! Festival’s setting in the Ferropolis open-air museum in Gräfenhainichen, near Dessau in Eastern Germany, is stunning. With its giant industrial cranes and other rusting relics of the former coal mining industry, the Ferropolis creates a distinctive and unique atmosphere for festival-goers. Highlights include club night takeovers by crews like Club Heart Broken, Femme Bass Mafia, Multisex, and Toy Tonics.

Macki Music Festival – July 1 - 2 

Set in the heart of Paris on the bank of the river Seine, Macki Music Festival makes for an excellent option for city dwellers keen on a day of dancing in the sun. The festival is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with a stellar lineup of international heavyweights like Antal, Gilles Peterson, and Shy One, as well as some of the best collectives the city has to offer, from Rinse FM’s resident DJs to La Mamies and Cracki Soundsystem. Parisians and city-trippers won’t want to miss out on this one. 

Dekmantel – August 2 - 6 

Held in the lush premises of Amsterdam Forest, Dekmantel’s reputation for showcasing a diverse and carefully curated lineup of established and emerging artists has made it a must-visit event for music lovers from around the globe. Over four days, Dekmantel presents a wide range of electronic music genres, from house, techno, and disco to experimental and ambient. The festival's emphasis on quality sound and production creates an immersive experience for attendees, with multiple stages and audiovisual installations enhancing the overall atmosphere. In addition to the music, the festival also hosts a series of talks, workshops, and film screenings focused on music, art, and technology. With its strong commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and innovation, Dekmantel Festival isn't just a celebration of electronic music but a cultural institution that has helped to shape the global electronic music scene.

Paradies Garten – August 4-6

An enchanted garden next to an abandoned castle with pumping music from the world’s best electronic composers and a community of keen revelers. Is there a more perfect place to party? Nestled under the Slovakian border just outside Vienna, the stunning grounds of Schloss Prugg makes for a spectacular festival location. From Palms Trax and disco grooves to the heavy-hitting rave sounds of the Herrrensauna crew, Paradies Garten is not one to miss if you're up for a dance.