The Power of Music Collaboration with Voices from Beyond

Discover how DJ duo Voices from Beyond transform musical synergy into a unique dance floor experiences, pushing the boundaries of music genres and sharing their passion for the club culture.

Words by Brunni Corsato, interview by Reimundo Correa

Reimundo Correa

Voices from Beyond is a dynamic DJ Duo that has spent years immersing themselves in the realm of house music. Koa and Sora spread their love for music, dance, and club culture through their one-of-a-kind sets. While their core lies in house music, their sonic palette ventures into various electronic genres through experimentation only made possible by the playful container of their collaboration.

A Journey of Connection through Music

The early days of Voices from Beyond date back to the pandemic. Sharing an apartment at the time, quarantine allow Koa and Sora the necessary time to explore how their individual sonic selections interact with one another. "We learned through our collaboration that our strength is to react and respond to each other", they reflect.

As their bond grew stronger, so did the resonance of their music. Their collaboration evolved into a container for exploration and playfulness.”We try to not limit ourselves within our selection, and experiment and evolve together.”

Freedom to experiment is the essence of their synergy. “We have each others’ back no matter what we want to play”, they emphasize. The b2b dynamic allow for intuition and musical instincts to come together seamlessly. “We create a space where we empower each other to play whatever feels right in the moment”, which have made their sets are known for inviting a multitude of genres of electronic music into a foundation of House. “Our vision is to share the passion we have for music with the people on the dance floor”.

Performing as a duo provides us with safety. We enjoy each other's music and presence, so even when there are no people on the dance floor, we still get to enjoy it. We love to surprise each other with new tracks or vibes.

Curating a unique musical experience became the core of the experience Voices from Beyond provide on dance floor. Their approach revolves around seamlessly merging their tracks they pick into selections that allow them to craft an ever-evolving journey when they step behind the decks. "Finding new ways to merge our taste in music and mixing is something that allows us to create a different narrative every time we play. That makes playing in a duo very special", they explain.

Through their commitment to challenge themselves as well as the boundaries of music genres on the dance floor, Voices from Beyond have proven that collaboration can unlock new levels of artistry. Through their commitment to experimentation and their ability to merge their individual styles, they consistently deliver unforgettable dance floor experiences.