The trppn Manifesto*

*This document is continuously updated and tailored to the needs of the community.

A new ecosystem enabling visibility, power, and income for creators

The current music industry model is not sustainable. It's a system that benefits the few at the top, while the majority of artists are left struggling to survive." - David Byrne

"We need to rethink how the music industry operates. It's a broken system that fails to support and compensate the vast majority of artists who contribute to its success." - Imogen Heap

“The music industry is still very broken in a lot of ways. Artists don't get paid fairly for their work, and it's become increasingly difficult for musicians to make a living." - Taylor Swift

The majority of creators* lack visibility, power and income. The current music industry is built on structures where creators are the products, instead of being a part of it. 
Trppn is a circle of music creators building a new music ecosystem to enable visibility, power and income for music creators, happening in three phases.

*music creators in the Trppn ecosystem are artists, organizer and venues.

Visibility (phase1)

The majority of music creators lack visibility in the live music space and club culture due to a lack of platforms supporting their needs. They have no opportunity to gather their (local) community in one place and to reach them at any time, without limitations and ad-optimized algorithms.

1.  Shared music experiences
Trppn advocates for a new kind of social platform that prioritizes real-world connections over prolonged online presence. Our vision is to build a circle that serves as a catalyst for shared music experiences, fostering genuine connections and inspiring meaningful interactions. By designing a social ecosystem that encourages offline engagement and facilitates in-person meetups, we aim to bridge the digital and physical realms, nurturing relationships that extend beyond the screen and enriching lives through the power of music.

2. Unrestricted Content and Visibility
Imagine a realm where musical expression knows no boundaries. No more algorithms dictating what reaches us  or limiting our artistic reach. Let us embrace a world where creators have the freedom to share their sonic creations openly, connecting directly with their community of music fans online and offline. Trppn is a location-based event discovery platform that connects users based on their taste in music and brings them together in real-life experiences.

Power (phase2)

The main reason why the majority of music creators lack power in the current music industry is the unequal distribution of control and decision-making within the current industry ecosystem. Historically, there has been a concentration of power in the hands of major record labels, publishers, and other industry gatekeepers. These entities have traditionally held significant influence over the production, distribution, and promotion of music in all ways of consumption.

3. Ownership and Community Building
Music creators are not mere cogs in a machine; they are the lifeblood of the music ecosystem. By fostering strong community bonds, we can create a collective force, empowering creators to reclaim their rightful place as the driving force behind the industry. Together, we build a platform where ownership and creative influence are shared by all. Through active engagement, community building and collaboration, we collectively determine the direction of our ecosystem by rewarding shares to our fellow creators.

4. Data Ownership and Control
Our data, our rules. We reject the notion of being mere data points in a profit-driven system. Instead, we demand full ownership and control over our data. By harnessing the power of our information, we can make informed decisions and shape our artistic journey with precision. By owning and knowing your data, you have full control of your journey.

Income (phase3)

The structural problem in the music industry lies in the unequal distribution of revenue and power, limiting the income potential for the majority of music creators.

5. Transparent Revenue Sharing
It's time to rewrite the rules of compensation. In this new era, creators should be fairly rewarded for their talent and hard work. Let us champion revenue sharing models that ensure a significant portion of the income generated flows back to the creators, through direct access to their fans without middlemen. Trppn is enabling them to monetize their fans and receive the income arising. Transparency is paramount, allowing us to understand and participate in the distribution process. The majority of the revenue goes directly  to creators, the rest of 1-5% stays in the community-owned ecosystem.

6. Direct Creator-to-Fan Relationships
Break free from intermediaries and establish direct connections with our devoted fan base. With the ability to forge personal bonds, we cultivate a loyal community that supports us wholeheartedly. By nurturing these relationships, we create a sustainable ecosystem where creators and fans thrive together. Expect a variety of income opportunities like subscriptions or ticketing.

Our Values

1.  A Collaborative, Innovative Environment
Collaboration fuels creativity. Let us come together as a collective, sharing ideas, knowledge, and inspiration. In this environment, innovation flourishes, paving the way for fresh approaches to music experiences in terms of creation, distribution, and consumption. Our ecosystem becomes a hub of artistic exploration and boundary-pushing experimentation.

2. Amplifying Underrepresented Voices
Diversity is the lifeblood of music. We celebrate and amplify the voices that have been historically underrepresented. By embracing a wide range of perspectives, genres, and cultural influences, we enrich the musical landscape, ensuring everyone has a chance to be heard live and appreciated.

3. Education and Empowerment
Knowledge is power. Let us equip ourselves and future generations of creators with the tools and resources needed to navigate the industry successfully. By providing accessible educational opportunities, we foster a culture of empowerment, enabling creators to make informed decisions and protect their artistic vision.

4. Preserving Musical Heritage
Our music heritage is a treasure to be cherished and preserved. Let us honor the legacies that came before us while paving the way for future generations. Through a deep respect for the past and an unwavering commitment to innovation, we ensure the continuous evolution and growth of our musical tangible map.

5. Inspiring Emotional Connections
Music has the extraordinary power to touch hearts and souls. As creators, we strive to forge deep emotional connections with music fans. Through our collective efforts, we create an ecosystem where the magic of music is revered, allowing profound experiences and shared moments of transcendence, which touches the heart through live experiences even better.

Trppn invested deeply in the transformative potential of a new ecosystem, and invite fellow creators and music lovers to join this movement. Let us champion visibility, power, and income for music creators, ushering in an era where artistic expression flourishes and the live music we love resonates with the world.