Social Media Co-Management

TRPPN is the first community-owned (live) music platform, aiming to support the long-tale of the music industry to make a living. We are seeking a digital media enthusiast to co-manage the key social media channels and support in developing the content creation. This position involves overseeing TRPPN’s social output across all channels and to support a social media strategy that is effective across all aspects of the business. The ideal candidate should be a creative individual who is excited about the changing face of the music industry, social media and has a pulse on the latest trends, able to implement ideas to drive engagement, grow TRPPN’s audience, and launch together with us innovative campaigns across all social channels.

Responsibilities of the role include co-managing and scheduling TRPPN’s Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter channels, cooperating with the design team on social media assets to promote editorial content, working with the editorial department to showcase key content on social media in innovative ways, developing social media objectives in line with the wider company growth strategy, and working closely with the brand partnerships department to devise innovative multi-channel social media strategies for creator campaigns.

Here's what you'll be doing:

  • Oversight and co-management of TRPPN's social media presence across all channels.
  • Co-Ownership of Instagram, TikTok and Twitter channels, including scheduling and content creation. 
  • Collaborating with the design team to develop effective social media assets that promote Editorial content, the brand, community, and festival partnerships.
  • Generating new social-first ideas and content series
  • Working with the editorial team to showcase critical content in unique ways on social media, increasing audience engagement.
  • Collaborating with directors to devise growth, traffic, and commercial strategies for each social media channel.
  • Creating social media objectives in accordance with the wider company growth strategy.
  • Assisting with content creation, including festival and event coverage, assisting in developing content for TikTok/Reels, and contributing to photo shoots.
  • Working closely with brand partnerships team to develop innovative multi-channel social media strategies for creator campaigns.
  • Analyzing data to make recommendations and maintain a successful social media approach.
  • Monitoring the social media landscape to identify new opportunities.

So, who are we looking for? Someone with

  • A global comprehension of TRPPN’s position in the music culture.
  • A deep understanding of TRPPN’s distinctive tone of voice and visual style.
  • Strong writing skills and an appreciation for effective design and photography.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of online advertising and digital marketing.
  • A passion for social media, with prior experience in a fast-paced digital setting.
  • A proven track record of creating and executing ideas across various social media platforms.
  • The ability to use analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of new initiatives.
  • Experience in implementing successful engagement and growth strategies.
  • The ability to anticipate and monitor trends and patterns in social media.

TRPPN welcomes applicants from all abilities, backgrounds, ethnicities, experiences, gender expressions, and sexual orientations, with the goal of reflecting the communities they cover, amplify and participate within. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing and implementing ideas across multiple social media channels, using and interpreting analytics to measure the effectiveness of new initiatives, and implementing successful engagement and growth strategies.

TRPPN values flexibility, generous and flexible annual leave policies, staff wellbeing policies, individual personal and career development plans and training opportunities, a transparent internal community culture, and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We value music as art, celebrate the progressive values that underpin music, advocate for a more inclusive and equitable music community, honor the past, present and future of music, use innovation to empower the community, and choose honesty over gain and purpose over profit.

This starts as a marginal part time job (geringfügige Beschäftigung) with an expected salary of 6240€ per year and can become a part or full time job in the future.

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