The team behind TRPPN is determined to revolutionize the nightlife industry to the better for everyone involved. TRPPN CREATOR is the most effective channel to communicate with your target group. Simply provide all the information you want to share in TRPPN CREATOR and make it visible to the TRPPN app users, in real time.

How to Host an Event on TRPPN?

Register on  www.trppncreator.net  and get started.

What is the TRPPN Bot? 

The TRPPN Bot is a hardware device specially developed to recognize the music at venues and events. The TRPPN Bot automatically collects the played tracks, classifies the music played into a genre and makes this information available to your customers. Show your music style and let your customers find you.

Is TRPPNCREATOR for free? 

TRPPNCREATOR operates as a freemium model. All basic features such as venue management, event organisation or the visibility in our TRPPN app are free of charge. If you want to promote your venue or event, simply define your target group and only pay for promotions made to your relevant group of customers.

Can I use TRPPNCREATOR without the TRPPN Bot?

Yes, the platform can be used for free and without the TRPPN Bot. However, the TRPPN Bot delivers valuable insights about the music played in your venue to the app users, which decide where to go based on their taste in music.

How does a Promotion on TRPPN work? 

You simply define your preferred target group based on the app users taste in music, location and age. Promotions can be shown either in the in-app flyerdesk or as notification on the app user’s mobile phone.

What does a Promotion on TRPPN cost? 

The costs per promotion depend on the number of users you want to show the promotion to, the type of promotion you want to execute and can vary per hour and weekday of the promotion.

Additional Information and Manual for TRPPN Bot

First Steps
Music Recognition
Technical Specifications

Download the TRPPN Bot Manual here.

For further questions please reach out to our support team: